Teaching and Learning about Lebanese Civil Wars: Lebanese HTA starts addressing controversial history 2017-04-19

The History Curriculum in Lebanon has not been changed since 1970. Different parties have been unable to agree on how to tackle the Lebanese Civil War. The recently established Lebanese Association for History (LAH) took the initiative to start addressing the civil war by organising a seminar in Beirut from 18-19 June on “Teaching and Learning about Civil Wars”. The seminar coincided with a study visit of Finnish history educators to Lebanon, who planned the workshop together and shared their experience on how the civil war in Finland was taught. Other workshops where given by Maria Georgiou (AHDR) and Steven Stegers (EUROCLIO). Approximately 70 historians and history educators (representing the different religious communities of Lebanon) participated in the seminar.

The seminar was organised in partnership with the Association for Historical Dialogue and Research (AHDR), the Centre for Lebanese Studies, EUROCLIO, the Finnish Association of History Educators, the Finnish Institute in the Middle East, and the Center for Arab and Middle Eastern Studies at the American University of Beirut, and was supported by the Open Society Foundation (Education Support Programme).

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