LAH Participation in the Robert Bosch Stiftung Study Tour on Commemorative Cultures 2015-04-19

Nayla Hamadeh from the Lebanese Association for History (LAH) participated in the study tour organized by the Robert Bosh foundation on Commemorative Cultures in September 2014.  Members of the participating group came from countries trying to face their own sensitive past or a conflicting present such as Lebanon, Yemen, Syria, Armenia, Kambodia, Srilanka, Bresil, Columbia, Croatia, South Africa  and others. The tour included visits to memorials and monuments relevant to the History of Germany in the twentieth century.

Participants also had interesting encounters with a number of German historians and professionals who shared their knowledge and experience with them.  The tour focused on how to deal with the sensitive past, how to include everyone in our study of the past, and how to build on the past to smoothen the path to the future. The cultural exchange  and the reflections that took place were very enriching and opened channels for future cooperation.