LAH at the Alliance for Historical Dialogue, Columbia University 


Looking at our sensitive past with an eye on the future is the main concern that led Nayla Hamadeh, LAH Secretary General, to the Alliance for Historical Dialogue (AHDA) fellowship program that is part of the Institute for the Study of Human Rights at Columbia University. During her fellowship at Columbia, Nayla will be participating in workshops on historical dialogue and how to design projects to deal with the past for peace building. Nayla is focusing on the history of the civil war of 1975 – 1990 to make it more visible to the youth and all those interested, with particular attention to the role and impact of the memory of past violence on Lebanon’s contemporary politics, society and culture. How can we establish historical dialogue about that sensitive past? How can we bring memories to surface? How can we face that past and move along?

AHDA is an alliance that brings together academics, representatives of civil society organization, journalists, educators and artists as well as policy makers who work each in his or her field to pursue historical dialogue in their post conflict societies.