Lessons from Finland on History Education 06.12.2014 - 06.12.2014

In collaboration with the Finnish Institute in the Middle East, the Lebanese American University, and the Finnish History Association (FHA), LAH organized on December 6, 2014 a workshop entitled “Lessons from Finland on History Education”. The workshop was attended by 40 teachers from eighteen Lebanese schools. The workshop facilitated by Riitta Mikkola (FHA) the vice president of the Finnish History Association, presented the new educational reform in Finland in History and Social Studies. By engaging teachers in group activities, the presenter led them to consider the concept of “National Identity” and ways to invest Art and Monuments in teaching History. Participants were encouraged when designing their history lessons to invest Lebanese art, monuments and historical sites. By the end of the day, participants did not only gain new knowledge; they enjoyed a sense of collegiality and community that has evolved among the group.