Historians’ Strategies for Approaching Evidence and Exploring Change and ‎Continuity -

Historians’ strategies for approaching evidence and exploring change and ‎continuity “Historians’ strategies for approaching evidence and exploring change and ‎continuity‎” is the workshop facilitated by LAH members Bassel Akar, Maha Shuayb, Jihane Francis, and Amira Al Hariri. For two full days, participants experimented with the disciplinary approach for teaching history. They analyzed sources, investigated their authenticity, and looked for evidence to build new claims. They studied different types of sources included pictures and texts. The main enquiry focused on the concept of Change and Continuity with focus on the Great Depression. Participants explored the nature of the change that occurred, its pace and speed. Strategies used included mathematical operations and building graphs in addition to picture and text analysis.  Helping our students understand the concept of “change and continuity” as a complex process rather than a consequence and helping them build their own historical narratives is nothing but a very essential first step towards building a generation of young historians capable of understanding, interpreting and contributing towards the writing of history. This workshop is part of our program entitled: “How to make our students young historians?” for the years 2017-2018.