From Local History to a Wider Understanding of the Past 22.02.2020 - 22.02.2020

Working Teams for the “From Local History to a Wider Understanding of the Past” joint LAH-forumZFD project have been formed. Students, artists and teachers met on February 22 at Rabitat Sayyidat Choueifat. Public Secondary schools’ students who have participated in the oral history project last year, got introduced to different art mediums to make their preferred choice. They were very excited to start their journey with artists and colleagues from other schools to deepen their understanding of the civil war period, link it to the present, and express it artistically. The project is in collaboration with the LAAB. Participating artists are Mohamed Berro, David Habchy, Hussein Nakhal, Sabine Saba and George Tabatadze. We look forward to a critical reflective and creative process!