Dealing with the Past in History Education 23.07.2017 - 27.07.2017

Euroclio organised a workshop in July 2017 in Seoul to evaluate and develop the project “Dealing with the Past in History Education”.

The overall objective is to create, empower and increase the impact of a global core group of civil society actors that have a mission and relevant experience on the promotion of responsible history education and work on a cross-border level on dealing with the past in history education. More specific objectives are:

-To build the professional capacity and extend the networks of leading civil society actors who work on dealing with the past in history education through a series of peer learning activities (project meetings and study visits).

-To build, provide access to and promote the use of a knowledge base consisting of teaching resources, multi-lateral textbooks, relevant stakeholders, policies and recommendations, journals, (action) research and strategies that are not yet sufficiently disseminated.

-To engage in joint advocacy to inter-governmental organizations and targeted media on regional and global levels, raising awareness amongst policy makers and civil society actors on the importance of responsible history education on dealing with the past for sustainable peace.

The meetings were attended by a representative from the Lebanese Association for History, Mr. Khaled Al-Masri, who had also participated in a meeting held at Erasmus University in Rotterdam, Netherlands, to introduce the project and its activities in several countries around the world. Moreover, the meeting was attended by ambassadors, historians, history teachers and others interested in historical affairs.